((OTRS)) Community Edition - what next?​

Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace

A long-long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away … … the first sub CreateTicketDB was written.
From an e-mail handler OTRS has evolved into a powerful ITSM solution. For a long time, the system used to be the only free open source solution certified by ITIL.

Due to its features and zero license cost the system won well-deserved popularity all over the world. In 2015, OTRS AG announced the OTRS Business Solution. In fact, it was the same OTRS with a set of commercial add-ons developed by OTRS AG previously. New versions of free OTRS and OTRS Business Solution were released simultaneously.

When OTRS AG renamed OTRS to ((OTRS)) Community Edition in 2018 and OTRS Business Solution became just OTRS, questions and bad sort of feeling had appeared among many people. However, the official statement clearly said — we will transfer all new features to the Community version in a few years. There was even a more certain promise from the CEO of the company Andre Mindermann — in 2 years. 
We accepted that with understanding and respect. It was even better for us – our free and commercial Community Edition add-ons would get a longer lifecycle. And we continued our work – we launched a marketplace, developed the world’s only native agent mobile application for ((OTRS)) 6 Community Edition.

Episode 2 – The Empire Strikes Back

In March 2020, OTRS AG announced the release of OTRS 8. That meant that the release of OTRS 7 was ending its cycle. And everyone thought that a public version of the 7 would soon appear. Everything looked logical – the version 7 was already 2 years old, and a new version 8 was released.
However, there was no news about the new Community Edition. But at the end of the “wonderful” 2020, in which it was not easy for everyone, on December 23, OTRS AG publishes a security release – OTRS 6 and ((OTRS)) 6 Community Edition are insecure. And from January 1, 2021 there will not be any security updates anymore, despite promises in official releases and forum posts.

Tam-tam-tam … Tam-tadam … Tam-dadam …

Episode 3 – A New Hope

The time for such a release was the most inappropriate. Most of Europe and the United States went on Christmas break. Many, I’m sure, even missed this message in the mailing lists.

But already in early January 2021, many independent developers reacted to this situation. The reaction was predictable – everyone was outraged. Community Edition users also did not stand aside – people asked questions “what’s next?”

The hope that the free and open version has a future was given by several companies at once. They said they would fix bugs and make security releases, and announced a migration to version 7 Community, if released.

Episode 4 – The Force Awakens

Radiant System has been on the OTRS market for over 10 years. We were one of the first to join the OTRS partner program in 2010, and have been partners for 5 years. Despite all our efforts, we could not agree on mutually beneficial cooperation and decided to go our own way. Within these years we have strictly followed the strategy of our favorite product – OTRS, not in its current commercial sense, but in its original spirit. We have helped a large number of our customers save time and money and improve their business efficiency.

Due to the latest news from OTRS AG regarding the ((OTRS)) Community Edition we would like to declare support for the ((OTRS)) Community Edition. How we see it:
• creation of an open fork ((OTRS)) 6 Community Edition – Radiant. Repository – https://github.com/RadiantSystem/radiant 
• compatibility support for Radiant c ((OTRS)) Community Edition versions 6 and 7, if released. 
• support for the Radiant fork for at least 2 years – bug fixes and security update
• we plan to release of an open version of Radiant 7 in 2021 is in our plan
• we plan to release of a commercial version of Radiant 7 Service Desk in 2021
• initiation to create an alliance of developers ((OTRS)) Community Edition for the sustainable development of the product
• development of the marketplace https://rs4otrs.com 
• release of new free and commercial add-ons for ((OTRS)) 6 Community Edition

Episode 5 – The Last Jedi

We believe the spirit and principles of open source software cannot be a subject of demagogic manipulations. Keeping our promises is the foundation of ethical business.
We share the initiative of all independent developers to support Community Edition and are ready to take an active part in the development and support of our favorite product.

We also offer, as written above, to bring together all developers and create a common strategy for collaboration and support. We understand that for the majority this is business, not charity. But we are sure that the developing community is the key to our success.

May the Force be with us!

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